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The GRN registered in the United Kingdom as a Community Interest Company in April, 2022.  The GRN is governed by a Board with 13 total elected members: two from each of the six regional chapters of GRN and one independent Chairperson elected by the Board. The Chairperson will renounce their regional duties while serving in this role in order to maintain equal representation from each region. All Members of the Board are elected for a two-year term, which is renewable for a maximum of two terms. The representatives from each region will be elected every two years through their respective chapters at a regional summit. Board Members are responsible, among other things, for designing the strategic direction of GRN, approving operational programmes, providing updates from and leasing engagements with regional chapters, and preparing and leading the General Assembly of GRN, including the Global Summit of GRN that takes place every two years. All Board Members will serve on a voluntary basis.


The day-to-day activities of GRN are run by a separate Programme Unit, the appointment of which will be approved by the Board. The Programme Unit is led by a coordinator and staffed with engagement and advocacy leads, a communications officer, and a part time financial consultant. The Programme Unit is to be established over the coming months.


The Regional Chapters of GRN operate independently from the global Board, while still complying with the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the GRN, and as amplifiers GRN’s work in their respective regions.

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