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The Second European Summit of Refugees and Migrants

The Second European Summit of Refugees and Migrants was organized in Berlin in January 17th-19th, 2023 , with attendance of over 141 participants, 97 of which were migrant and refugee leaders from 22 European Countries. The summit was in response to the needs of the migrant and refugee communities, including undocumented and stateless persons. Designed and led by the refugees and migrants themselves, the summit aimed to chart a course toward security, justice, dignity, and fundamental human rights for all refugees and migrants. 


The focus of the summit and the concerns of its participants underscored the glaring lack of representation and meaningful participation for refugees and migrants across various sectors, important conversations, and decision and policymaking. It revealed the discriminatory, exclusionary, and even xenophobic nature of existing policies and practices when viewed from the perspective of refugees and migrants. This observation underscored the urgent need to bolster partnerships and     refugee-migrant-led networks for advocacy, policy, practices, and broader causes of social, gender, and environmental justice. 


The summit also served as a catalyst for fruitful discussions, nurtured valuable partnerships, and a supportive community. In the midst of these challenges, participants found clarity on shared objectives, rallying around a common mission to address the pressing concerns and reshape the narratives that impact their lives. 

Read more in the full report here.

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