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Transition of clean energy to refugees & IDP_THEA

Empowering Refugees: A Call to Action at COP28

Energy poverty compounds the challenges faced by refugees. 94% lack electricity, and 81% face health risks from polluting stoves. COP28 in Dubai (Nov 30 - Dec 12) is a crucial moment for change. The Climate, Relief, Recovery, and Peace Declaration on Dec 3 could address the link between climate and humanitarian crises.

GRN, GPA, Ashden, and Chatham House advocate for Transforming Humanitarian Energy Access (THEA). Key points:

  1. Inclusive Decision-Making: Ensure 10% of staff addressing energy poverty have lived displacement experience.

  2. Invest in Refugee Solutions: Direct 10% of funds to refugee-led organizations. Support a blended finance model.

  3. Skills and Opportunities: Invest in training, capacity building, and remove legal barriers.

Refugees aren't just recipients; they are the solution. With 108 million displaced globally in 2022, let's act now for a brighter future. #COP28 #RefugeeEnergySolution

Transition of clean energy to refugees & IDP_THEA blog
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