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Refugee Skill Up
Refugee policy is often made without the participation of refugees.  This is the case at international, regional and national levels.  As a consequence, policies further marginalize refugees themselves, contribute to the stigmatization of refugees, and are ineffective and unsustainable. 

The exclusion of refugees from policymaking results in an information gap between the policies designed to serve the refugee population, and the beneficiaries of those policies – refugees themselves.  Refugees are often uninformed about the rights they have and how to access those rights.  This exclusion perpetuates a system of inequity.  Despite being first-responders to the refugee crisis, RLOs are under resourced which results in capacity gaps.  

​Refugee Skill Up aims to address both the information and capacity gaps RLOs face while simultaneously empowering refugee leaders as expert trainers on these issues. By training refugee leaders as trainers on these subjects, Refugee Skill Up disrupts the traditional model of refugees as recipients of training, and equips RLOs with the knowledge, capacity, and network to realize their full potential as agents of change. 

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